Expert Witness

Smith Aeronautical

Aircraft expert witnesses are an essential part of the legal process for both defendants and plaintiffs in a dispute. As an expert in the field of aviation maintenance, I bring over 35 years of hands-on fixed wing aircraft maintenance, repair, and alteration background to serve as an professional expert witness in your case.  While I am familiar with Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) regulations in many areas, my particular career focus has been in the regulatory world of 14 CFR Part 43 and Part 145 knowledge – Aircraft Maintenance and FAA Certified Aircraft Repair Stations.  I am experienced with the deposition process and available to serve as an expert witness offering opinions on regulatory compliance or other areas in the aviation maintenance arena as outlined below.

Having been the Chief Inspector for a unique FAA Certified Repair Station (CRS) since 1992, I am fluent with all operations of an FAA CRS operating under 14 CFR Part 145.  My expertise includes major structural repairs of all types of General Aviation aircraft from medium sized corporate jets down to Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).  I have previously designed and executed hundreds of major repairs without the need or support from the aircraft manufacturers, thus affording the aircraft owners an independent, FAA-approved repair process for their damaged aircraft.

Many repair projects require specialized knowledge and expertise, not only to complete the repairs but to obtain the required FAA approvals.  With extensive experience navigating these processes, I am available to opine on  the following services:

  • Inspections for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) programs for custom repairs as they relate to the new Damage Tolerant (DT) designed aircraft
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), utilizing FAA Aircraft Certification Offices (ACO) or certified Organization Design Authorization (ODA) facilities to acquire approval for alterations
  • Design of custom repairs with detailed drawing packages using aerospace standards for approval by FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) through FAA Form 8110-3 acquiring Approved Data for execution of FAA Form 337
  • Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process for both domestic and international parts, having written a PMA Manual and holding the title of Accountable Manager for a Production Approval Holder (PAH) certificate

Areas of Expertise:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • Independent repair processes
  • Custom repairs
  • Obtaining alteration approval
  • Damage Tolerant designed aircraft
  • Aircraft accidents
  • Aircraft repairs
  • Inspections for Continued Airworthiness
  • Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)
  • FAA Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs)
  • Organization Design Authorization (ODA) facilities
  • Working with FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs)
  • Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process
  • PMA manuals


  • 1983 – Colorado Aerotech, Broomfield, CO / Aviation Trade School
  • 1983 – Front Range Community College, Northglenn, CO / Associates Degree Applied Aviation
  • 1988 – Metropolitan State College, Denver, CO / Bachelor’s Degree Aviation Management
  • 1999 – Phoenix University – Government Contracts, Negotiating and Writing

Licenses and Certifications:

  • 1983 – FAA Rating – Airframe & Powerplant Technician
  • 1989 – Boeing 737 and McDonnel Douglas MD-80 Aircraft Run-up and Taxi qualified
  • 2000 – FAA Rating – Private Pilot, single engine complex
  • 2013 – FAA Rating – Instrument Airplane


  • 1988 – Boeing 737 Maintenance Training with live simulator
  • 1996 – Israeli Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind Maintenance Training with live simulator
  • 2001 – FAA / DOT – Training on Designated Employer Representative
  • 2006 – FAA Human Factors Training related to Aviation Maintenance

Professional Memberships:

  • Aviation Insurance Association – corporate member
  • Organization of Flying Adjusters – associate member
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Cessna Pilots Association
  • Bonanza Owners Society